Total Solutions

Our Total Solutions Department helps bring new software and hardware technology to market with a focus in networked solutions. Ranging from indoor and outdoor applications for lighting controls to HVAC and BMS integration to IoT solutions, etc. Overseeing our Design and Applications services, Field Service, Spec Solutions, and Training and Education Departments on how we better service our market and customers in smart construction development.

Controls Team

Technology and economics have driven the dramatic evolution in the lighting controls industry. Customized systems are now routinely installed across consumer, commercial and industrial sectors, in both indoor and outdoor settings. Controls layouts, top of the line submittals, wiring diagrams with product details, creating bills of material and providing Title 24 code interpretation is just a few things they specialize in. Our Controls Team is truly your one stop shop for anything controls related in this industry.

Solutions Team

Our Solutions team interacts with nearly everyone in the industry. We work with our Specification team, lighting designers, architects, contractors, distributors, engineers and artists to develop lighting fixture recommendations, layouts and photometric calculations for a wide range of projects–from a small healthcare facility to large, multilevel commercial buildings.

We review building layouts for clients and make design recommendations about Title 24 requirements and illumination levels. Within these parameters, we recommend lighting and controls that meet aesthetics, budgets and industry requirements.

Unplanned Renovation

Our Unplanned Renovation / Retrofit department focuses on energy saving projects, which are primarily driven by a Return on Investment for those measures. They identify and develop opportunities through higher efficiency fixtures, smarter design layouts, utility rebates, finance solutions, tax benefits, as well as code-compliant control strategies. They work with all levels of the supply chain; from end-user, to contractor, to distributor and manufacturer to ensure the desired outcome for the clients they’re supporting.

Support Team

The Support Team makes sure that all the wheels are well oiled behind the scenes. We make sure the bills (both incoming and outgoing) are paid, the marketing and social media is updated, the electronic devices operating, the expenses paid, and the events planned. We do our best to keep the staff happy and well stocked so that they can focus on our number one priority, our customers.

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