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Innovation, vision and experience.
Creating total building solutions

16500 has been representing the world’s leading lighting companies since 1998. Our team now includes more than 70 professionals who bring a wide range of experience and technical knowledge to every project. We’ve built a reputation for innovation, consistency and an extraordinary level of customer service.

We believe our Northern California location near tech-savvy Silicon Valley is a key advantage. California leads the country in meeting strict energy codes, and we have teamed with our manufacturers to develop products that meet stringent requirements.

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    Total building solutions

    As seasoned industry experts, one of the most dramatic and exciting changes is that the traditional lighting mantra of bringing ideas to light has been replaced with total building solutions. It's not just about the lights anymore, it's about the total project. We work with architects, lighting consultants, electrical engineers, contractors, interior space planners, facilities managers and electrical distributors. We're helping these clients develop total lighting systems that are functional, beautiful and energy-efficient.
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    Energy savings and innovation in lighting

    The technological advances within the lighting controls industry have also changed the way we work with our clients. Lights are no longer just on or off they can now be dimmed or orchestrated with a room's shades to create the perfect balance of light. For greater efficiency and energy savings, consumers are now able to control their lighting systems from their phones room by room, whether they're down the block or out of the country.

    With a growing range of options for residential, commercial and industrial sectors, LED is replacing traditional lamp sources in virtually all new construction. and remodeling projects. LED lighting is also being enabled with sensors that can transmit messaging to shoppers. Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, turning a passive shopping experience into an active one. Because of LED's long lifespan up to 10 years--adding an enhancement like this is now a realistic investment.

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