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Introduction to Lighting Controls
We will review the motivations for lighting controls, learn how?energy codes impact our lighting control choices, view the?dimensions of controls available, and detail the many different?lighting control strategies.???

Networked Lighting Controls
We will examine the evolution of Networked Lighting Controls,?explore the technology, how to deploy, and review savings and?future solutions.?

Developing an Effective Sequence of?Operations for Lighting Controls?
Lighting Controls have a measurable impact on overall energy savings. We will discuss?how codes, design, and controls system definition and specification influence a desired?sequence of operation. A?well defined?SOO can increase energy savings an additional?20% vs. a system with no SOO.?

Title 24 and Updates
An overiew and summary

Tunable White and Circadian Influencers
LED lighting and controls have changed the way we view and experience light.? Lighting is no?longer just a static experience where selecting a color temperature and color rendering index is?sufficient. This ?tunable? metric not only reinforces the importance of quality lighting and?design but also can positively affect better health and welfare for occupants. Explore the?possibilities that exist now and will exist?in the near future, with tunable lighting in commercial?buildings.?

Lighting 101 – The Basics
We will cover basic principles, definitions, and applications of lighting and lighting terminology

Understanding Optics and Photometry
This course is intended as an introduction to the technical aspects?of architectural lighting and photometry for specification purposes.???

Luminaires and Acoustics
Acoustical control in luminaires can help reduce noise levels in commercial open space designs with glass walls, unfinished ceilings and hard floors.

Lighting Submittal Review

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